Best Way To Get Free VPS for Students 2021

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is very beneficial for doing things related to the cloud. First, you must understand the meaning of VPS. Many people confuse VPS with VPN. Thus, first, you must clear out the confusion regarding VPS.

Why Free VPS for Students 2021?

VPS   is provided by hosting providers like DigitalOcean or some other company. You can imagine VPS as a virtual machine which is hosted somewhere else.

This virtual machine has the same functionality as that of a normal computer. You can install many VPS on a single server with different operating systems running on them.


A free VPS is very helpful when you want to move your site to private hosting. If your website is big then you can afford a VPS.

But, for students and small website owners, free VPS is the only option. Students can also these VPS for learning how to use cloud technology.


These free VPS also have some storage space limitation and bandwidth limitations. You won’t get all the benefits for free.

But, if you want to remove these limitations then you can always buy a premium package at any time. Also, you can’t host two websites on a single account.


How to Get Free VPS for Students 2021

VPS is very important for those students who are studying about IT or computer field. They need to study web design and web development in their course.

Thus, it is important for them to learn how to use VPS. Without VPS, they won’t be able to host their final projects.


Most of the VPS provider only provides a plan for the commercial uses. Fortunately, there are some free VPS providers.


They provide free or almost free plans to students. Students can use this VPS for hosting their web projects or learning more about the cloud.

A VPS may consist of a File Transfer protocol program also. This protocol is used to share files from your local computer to your VPS.


Some of the VPS providers also offer mail server program and many different types of services. These services are relevant to digital marketers or bloggers.

You can install any type of software in your Virtual machine. There is no restriction on the usage of these servers. But, only that software will work which are compatible with the Virtual machine operating system.


Most of the VPS provider set a limit on the websites which you can host. If you are using a free VPS, then you can only host one website on your server.

This is a marketing tactic to sell their premium plans. Sometimes you need to provide some official documents to the hosting provider.


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