How to Create a Website Free of Cost in WordPress 2021

Website is important because Whenever you start your new business, you should create some kind of online presence for your business. If you have a business or products that sell well but do not have a website, do not miss the great opportunities for your business because these days most people prefer the internet to search for a product or service and to be able to search for reliable websites. product catalogs, testimonials, and reviews.

Why is a website important in any business?

In today’s Internet world, the right website is essential for any size business. In fact, if your potential customers hear positive things about your business or services, they will continue to do their research online before coming to you. As you know, a website is available all over the world and any customer can quickly find you through your website. Therefore, a professional, reliable, and quality website is always seen by professional websites that always help to increase the online visibility of your business and build a customer base for corporate growth.

All technical websites are built differently. Some websites are simple and some are challenging. Therefore, from a business perspective, we provide a step-by-step guide to creating a basic website using standard guidelines that will help you fully understand the details of building an effective business website.

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Step 1: Select a website platform

First, you need to choose a website platform to build your website. Most sites are created using HTML, CSS, PHP and you should first learn how to set codes. I would recommend CMS (Content Management System) to create and manage your professional website instead of using HTML, CSS, and PHP. The Content Management System is an easy-to-use and easy-to-use coding platform, in which a non-programmer can build an excellent website using the CMS platform and will always save time and effort with excellent results.

Currently, the three most popular forums are:

1. WordPress
2. Joomla
3. Drupal

Now the question is which CMS platform should you use for your professional website? I highly recommend using WordPress on your website because it is the most popular, simple, flexible, powerful, responsive, and least expensive CMS platform, and there is a great community of support, so if you encounter any questions, you will have no problem finding the answer. . .

Joomla and Drupal are also very popular, so you need to find out which platform you want to use on your website.

Step 2: Domain name and web hosting are required

Before setting up a new website, you should get a domain name and web hosting. A domain name is a web address. It is very important to any website because your domain name represents the name of your business or company. Your domain name must be memorable, relevant, and relevant.

Web hosting is a web rental space that stores web files and displays those files to website visitors. Without a domain name and web hosting, you will not be able to create a website. You can get many top hosting websites on the internet also on our blog. You can contact them for the domain name and hosting, but make sure the participating company offers 100% downtime and 24×7 customer service. If they do not provide customer service, you may lose your revenue in the event of a site crash.

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Step 3: set up a website

If you have purchased your website domain and are hosting now, you need to install and configure a CMS for your domain.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Login Your Hosting panel.

2. Now go to your control panel and look for the WordPress website or icon.

3. Select the domain where you need to install your website and click the “Install” button to gain access to your new WordPress website.

4. Now you can see your basic and simple website, if you want to give your website a new look, you should choose a free design template or themes from your WordPress dashboard. Once you have selected a theme, you just need to click the install button. The selected theme describes the mood and appearance of your website.

5. Once your title is included, you can create your own pages and content, you can add edits, and delete any text, images, and links.

6. You can create a new category by submitting categories. You can re-create a blog post by posting and “adding new ones.”

Step 4: Install the plugin

The plugin is like extensions that enhance WordPress knowledge and make your websites have new functions and uneven features

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