how to get totally free all top level domains name

Hello friends, I hope you are all well. In today’s article, I am going to tell you how you can get the free top-level domain.

I am going to share with you today the wonderful trick that has not been shared with you anybody, so you have to read the whole post on our blog. if there is any problem, you have to comment below, I will make your reply.


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If you want to do it you need a domain if you are a beginner and you are a student. you are not able to buy a domain or if you just want to learn I will tell you how absolutely free you can take it in minutes.

I told you how you can get it in free minutes. If you want to get the free top-level domain I also make a post on this and if you want free hosting then its post is also available checkout must. There are a lot of posts on the blog. You must check them out. Let’s move on to today’s blog on how to get a .com domain for free.

How to Get Free top-level Domain

The method of taking the domain that I am going to tell you will look a little different. I have it because my friends have also got it for free. You have to read the whole method after that. Must try once You will get the domain.

First of all, go to this website. Then As soon as you come to this website, the best thing about the reseller plan is that you can participate in the reseller program for free which very few websites allow you to do. If you want to open your own hosting business, open a website, You want to sell it own self and make a profit from them, then you need a reseller program, you can register for free. Their method is also very simple.

As soon as you register on it, now you have to wait for it. It may take two weeks, it may take a month or even more and you have to leave this account. After a month you have to turn it on again so you will be given around ten dollars in free money as a gift as you can use it to buy domains.

And that’s exactly the way it is. My friends and I told him I got it too. You just have to create an account and leave it. Ten Dollars will be credited to your account.

Now Proof for free top-level domain

I have also given proof of this. You can check it out and use this method and share it with your friends.

This is my Email proof now I logging in to my account and you can see proof also.

fee domain

It looks like I showed you in proof I got money around ten dollars from which I also bought a domain and if there is anything then you also have to create this account when you get the money.

You can buy not only the .com domain You can also buy any domain with any top-level extension also anyone who likes it and shares this method with your friends.

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Read This!

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